A Message from the President - June 2017


Hi all - Well you may or may not know that last month’s meeting was the last one @ Hagerty’s offices. But things are not all doom and gloom... my bosses @Sierra Pacific have given us the green light to hold our meetings @ our New Digs - AKA the new Warehouse.  There will be some things to figure out but I’m sure this will be a great spot for us. The new shop is very close to Tony’s shop were just to the east @ 52nd and Washington right on the northwest corner plenty of well lite parking and lots of room to move around. Chairs may be a problem but we’ll figure it out I have 20 to 30 misc chairs of all types so we should be good.. Well spring almost gone and NOW it rains! But we can’t bitch we’ve all had our cars out already, right!?!? There are tons of Car Shows popping up all over, and it’s hard to keep all the dates from blending into each other. Race season is also upon us and we should pick one or two events to attend that as a club we can attend. How about it guys and gals sound like something you would care to do??? So with that I for the life of me cannot come up with anything else to say Soooooooooooooo, until next time... Be safe and well see ya later...  Thanks, JOHN  


August 12, 2017


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