A Message from the President - April 2017

OK Boys and Girls

So spring is finally here   And now all the snow and rain will show up -  go figure!  Have you done all the things you said you were going to get done on the off season?   I didn’t...  Oh, my list is always bigger then the time I've given myself and ALWAYS much larger than my wallet.  What are you going to do??  So next off season we'll all will try again, Hey Guys and Gals - there is something I’ve been pondering for a few years now and I think its time to put it in motion.  Our membership has been going down as of  late and I would like to put the two clubs - RPM Club and Colorado Mopar - back together.  The details still need to be worked out but this is how I see us going forward for the future.  Your feed back is welcome.   RPM will remain the racing part of the club with COLORADO MOPAR being the main name which everything will be listed under. I know this will work - it's just figuring out the details on how to make it happen.  Please ponder this idea and let me know your concerns   Thanks, JOHN  


August 13, 2016.



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